Everything you should know about the freak trades


What are freak trades? Do you have any information on the freak trades? There are several opportunities available in the stock market today. There are also many risks associated with those who are not familiar with the trading concepts. Since the margin in the market for error is already slow, the little misshape can have colossal effects.

This process is known as the freak trades, which are accidental trades that take place because of minor errors. Freak trades have great effects on the market movements, general sentiments, and stock prices of market participants. This article will provide you the information on freak trades.

If you are interested in this trading phenomenon, then you must take a look at all the facts in this article.

What are freak trades?

A freak trade takes place when the securities or stock price hits the unanticipated low or high for a moment and then returns to the normal level.

To understand the freak trades, keep in mind that there is no intention behind it. It is the perfect and honest mistakes that occur with grave consequences. It is tough to blame a single entity for freak trades.

There are huge elements present in the stock market, and no single entity or participant can be responsible for it. However, there are many expert investors or traders who have the knowledge and have well-understood the market for many years. They always know the manipulation instances that lead to the freak trades.

What causes the freak trades ?

When the trader or broker deals with plenty of stock orders, then it may the chance that they are punching in between the wrong digits and making a big difference in the entire order.

  • No doubt, these errors are genuine mistakes, but they can cause freak trades.
  • This term is nicknamed fat finger in the stock market. It takes place when the trader is handling a large order during their busiest market hours.
  • Freak results also result in technical glitches in the dematerialized form at stock exchanges.
  • In this condition, many traders quit and sold their trading positions and were unable to cover themargin money in stock market.

How to secure your investments?

As we all know, that freak trades are caused when errors occur while handling huge stock orders. As a result, many market experts and traders suggest placing the limit order so your investments are not affected by the freak trades.

So, the limits order is an important type of order that permits the trader to sell or buy assets at a specific price.


There is no single error or reason that causes the freak trades in the stock market. In some cases, the investors or traders want to recover their losses since the freak trades occur in a short time. However, placing the limit order helps you to reduce the chance of occurring freak traders and save the traders from facing losses.

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