How Does a Senior Health Insurance Plan Benefit You?


As we age, our medical attention increases, and so do our expenses. With increasing age, the chances of getting sick and contracting diseases increase. Therefore, it is extremely important to make a secure and well-planned medical expense to meet uncertain situations. The best health insurance for senior citizens helps reduce the financial burden caused by medical expenses.

Best Health insurance plans that are specially designed to offer financial aid for medical treatment to citizens over the age of 60 years. It covers critical illness, cashless hospitalisation, pre-existing disease, and a high sum assured. In addition, this insurance plan is designed to offer timely treatment to elderly people.

It is advisable to purchase a separate policy for them because elderly people may experience reoccurring health problems, and a standard plan might not be adequate to meet their insurance needs. Therefore, buying a senior citizen mediclaim policy is extremely advantageous. Let’s dive deeper to know the details.

Benefits of Senior Health Insurance Plan

Medical insurance for senior citizens is extremely advantageous. Below listed are some of them:

●    Lifetime Renewability

Senior citizen health insurance plan comes with lifetime renewability. It offers the advantage to the insured to renew their policy with all ease after a certain age. In addition, lifetime renewability takes off the financial pressure in case of any medical emergency.

●    Cashless Claim Facility

If the senior citizen gets admitted to the network hospital, they or their family member will not have to worry about the hospitalisation cost if they opt for a cashless claim facility. They can take medical treatment without stressing about the expenses.

●    Pre-Existing Disease Coverage

Under themediclaim for senior citizens, they can enjoy the benefits of coverage of pre-existing diseases after the first year of their policy. Some plans even offer coverage after 2nd and 3rd years, but the insured can get the benefits of getting covered for pre-existing diseases as well.

●    Less Waiting Period

Compared to other types of health insurance policies, the waiting period for the senior citizen health insurance policy is quite less. The insured or the family can easily claim the cost of medical treatment without waiting for years.

●    Pre and Post-Hospitalisation Coverage

Medical insurance for senior citizens offers the advantage of covering pre and post-hospitalisation expenses.

●    Tax Benefits

Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, the insurance premium paid for buying health insurance is deductible from the policyholder’s income. As a result, the insured is eligible for an annual tax benefit of up to Rs. 50,000 when it comes to deducting medical expenses and payments. The tax deduction benefit can be availed not only by the policyholder for their personal treatment but also for their family members.

●    Transportation Coverage

Under the senior citizen mediclaim policy, you can get coverage for medical expenses as well. Therefore, when you apply for a senior citizen medical policy, you can stay stress-free about the expenses during a medical emergency.

●    Annual Health Check-ups

The elderly people can enjoy the advantage of annual health check-ups and maintain their health in the best possible manner with this scheme.

Inclusions of Senior Citizens Medical Insurance

Below listed are some of the general inclusion of senior citizen health insurance coverage:

  • Hopstialistaion expenses like doctor’s visits, room rent, operation theatre charges, etc., are all covered.
  • ICU charges are quite higher and are included in the policy.
  • Daycare treatment that requires hospitalisation for less than 24 hours.
  • Coverage for the treatment availed by the patient at their home.
  • It covers consultation fees from another medical practitioner.

The best health insurance for senior citizens offers a great tool to safeguard your savings during unexpected medical circumstances. You can buy this best mediclaim policy to get the best treatment without burning a big hole in your pocket. It’s time to save more and enjoy the best facilities with mediclaim for senior citizens.

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