How Entrepreneurs Are Changing the World?


An entrepreneur means a person who sets up a business by taking financial risks. Entrepreneurship has been one of the most focused fields in the 21st century. The number of entrepreneurs across the globe is increasing day by day. According to a survey by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, over 43% of the world population wants to open a business in the next 10 years. This gives us an idea about the intense competition we are going to face and also how it will affect our digital world.

Well-known and experienced entrepreneurs are the agents of innovation of the modern age. Entrepreneurs like Maged Elhami are not only bringing change by themselves but also inspiring others to be a part of the big change. Following are some of the changes that the whole entrepreneur community is bringing or going to bring in the modern world.


One of the major shortages of the future that we are aware of is employment. The global literacy rate is going up like a rocket. This threatens our employment. Entrepreneurs create opportunities for many of the skilled labor force. This helps lower the global unemployment rate and hence a better lifestyle for people. Even a single entrepreneur can create thousands of job opportunities in a region, thus improving the employment of the region.

Technology and Infrastructure

Some entrepreneurs are known to improve the technological needs and infrastructure of a region. With new businesses being born, a region’s infrastructure and technology placement is also improved, hence developing the region technologically.

Profitable Stakes

97% of the world’s millionaires are big or small entrepreneurs. This means boosting entrepreneurship in a region also results in the region’s social and financial gain.

Entrepreneurs not only create opportunities for people but also for governments and international trades. Thus, a successful leader like Shady Elhami Montreal-based entrepreneur impacts a whole country not only a bunch of people. Entrepreneurs truly help in regional development.

Educational Opportunities

Entrepreneurship also provides educational opportunities to the local public. In an entrepreneurship program, there are often a countless number of students learning from the new startup. This helps educate the young teens about the potential benefits of entrepreneurship and thus helps to lower the global illiteracy rate.

Social Problems

Solutions to social problems are difficult of them all. Entrepreneurs usually have a large number of followers behind them. Thus, entrepreneurs also tend to help humanity with social problems.

Potential entrepreneurs can leave a huge impact on a large population with even a single statement from their side. The social structure of the world consists mainly of entrepreneurs on top of it.


Entrepreneurs are often seeing partnering with each other for calculated profits. Entrepreneurs partner up with each other to transfer skills, information, and develop together as a single force. This helps the underdeveloped regions to stand and creates opportunities for them. Social entrepreneurship is a potentially strong route leading to economic development.


Entrepreneurship is one of the major interests of the young generation today. We don’t know how big it can get or how far it can go. The above mentioned are the potential benefits of entrepreneurship and how it is leaving an impact on the world.

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