How The Entertainment Industry Benefits From Digital Admission Management Systems


Media and entertainment businesses need complete visibility into multiple projects, costs, resources, and customer expectations if they are to manage people, costs, and resources efficiently. With that in mind, more businesses are looking to technology to provide the necessary levels of control to remain competitive while maximizing profits.

Compared to paper tickets, digital admission management systems are convenient and fast to issue, especially in the entertainment industry. Anyone with access to the internet can book an e-ticket online.

What Exactly Are E-Tickets?

It has become increasingly rare for venues to require physical copies. Many modern e-tickets are stored entirely on mobile devices and are displayed on a secure screen that reveals the confirmation code and a unique barcode that can be scanned directly by security personnel. Many apps allow for the storage of tickets.

Today, it’s common practice to search for and purchase tickets online and to present an “e-ticket” via a smartphone on the day of the event to gain entry. As such, here is how the eTicketing entertainment industry benefits both the audience and the operators:

1. Improved Security: Paper tickets and some types of E-tickets are susceptible to theft and counterfeiting, and this occurs more often than you would think. However, electronic tickets, particularly ID-based tickets, can greatly reduce customers’ concerns by letting them manage their tickets through a secure online account. If anything goes wrong with their tickets, the team will be able to pinpoint the problem and answer questions and concerns quickly.

2. Avoid the Hassle: It may seem odd to come across people outside of a large retail store trying to sell you identical products for double the price. However, this is a common occurrence at concerts and sporting events. The ticket brokers would have a harder time defrauding customers with digital tickets. The E-ticketing system sends tickets directly to online accounts, which are protected against theft by fraud controls. Using only their personal ID or a QR code, customers access the venue, making it extremely difficult for brokers to obtain physical tickets.

3. A Better Alternative to Paper Tickets: Paper tickets tend to be simple to handle, but become problematic when people share them with their friends, relatives, or clients. Is it worth driving around town to drop off extra tickets or standing outside the venue for guests? Customers can be enticed with the most exciting giveaways and venue changes, but anything that makes their lives easier will win their loyalty. The convenience and flexibility of e-tickets benefit the audience on event days, when they may have a lot on their minds, such as transportation, parking, finding a place to eat, and arriving on time. Audiences can pass on tickets to others online using just their email addresses.

4. Better Communication: Along with personal information, digital tickets will provide you with details about customers’ purchasing preferences, ticket usage, venue entry, and other relevant information. Using this information, you can communicate effectively with season ticket holders and customers. Prior to the events, you can notify them of venue lines, parking, seat upgrades, reward systems, and more.

To Conclude

With the smart eTicketing solutions, the possibilities for nurturing your relationships with the audience are endless. You can offer an improved city experience through integrated, customer-centric services, improving the attractiveness of your city beyond public transport. The simplicity, flexibility, and convenience that eTickets provide will truly make the event incredibly memorable for your customers.

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