How to Increase Poshmark Followers in 3 Easy Steps


Exposure is everything in the sales game. It is important to Poshers inasmuch as selling is what they do. They know that exposure means more opportunities to sell. They also know that increasing exposure is a matter of increasing their followers.

Is there an easy way to increase your Poshmark followers? Yes, if your definition of ‘easy’ refers to understanding the concepts. If you take ‘easy’ to mean there is no work involved, then no. There is no effort-free way to significantly boost the number of people who follow you. If you want followers, you have to work for them.

Poshmark virtual assistant provider PoshyVA says any Posher can increase followers by implementing three easy (to understand) steps:

Step #1: Sell What People Want

The first step is to concentrate on filling your closet with items you know people want. You can branch out into more eccentric items later. In the short term though, the goal is to drive traffic to your closet. One of the best ways to do that is to sell what people want.

How do you figure out what people want? Start looking at other closets. Take 3 to 5 days to research what other Poshers are selling. Make a list of items that seem to get the most likes. Read comments people leave on listings pertaining to brands that you are interested in. It takes some work, but if you diligently approach Poshmark as a buyer and pay attention to the little details, you can learn a lot about what sells and what does not.

Step #2: Create Attention-Getting Listings

Once you have an idea of the types of items that sell quickly, it is time to learn how to create attention-getting listings of your own. Again, research is your best friend here. Spend a few hours searching around for those listings that get the most attention. Then look at them from a design standpoint.

How are the listings laid out? What is it about each one that catches your eye? Look at everything from stock photos to color palettes and the descriptive language Poshers use. Write down your observation so that you can go back later and look for common elements. When you figure out what the most successful Poshers are doing, emulate them.

Step #3: Follow other Poshers

The third step is one that PoshyVA says a lot of Poshmark sellers miss. What is this step? Making the effort to follow other Poshers. The general thinking on this is that other Poshers are more likely to follow you if you follow them. It is a mutual admiration sort of thing.

The one caveat here is this: do not just randomly follow as many people as you can. Be judicious about your following. Concentrate on:

  • People who like your listings
  • Party hosts and others who follow them
  • Posh ambassadors and those who follow them
  • Other Poshers who sell the same brands
  • Poshers who live in the same general vicinity as you
  • Poshers who attended the same school you attended.

It is also a good idea to start following new closets as they pop up. However, do not be afraid to review these closets every now and again for the purposes of weeding out those that might be counterproductive to your goals.

Increasing followers increases the exposure your closet gets. More followers does not necessarily mean you’ll sell more, so you still have to pay attention to what you put in your closet, your pricing structure, your shipping and return policies, etc. With that said, go start getting more followers.

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