Individual Health Insurance vs. Family Floater Health Insurance


In today’s world, people have become too conscious of their health. They always want to stay fit. So, there is more awareness created in people’s minds; this is why they are so concerned about their health. All health care comes under different health policies that help reduce the risk of treatment expenses.

People show more concern towards their health and believe in investing in health insurance plans; they do not know in which policy they need to invest, whether to buy individual best health insurance or family floater health insurance.

Let us further tell you about each policy’s advantages so you understand it clearly.

What Do you Mean by Individual Health Insurance Plan with its Benefits?

Individual health insurance means that only a single individual takes the benefits under this policy. No other person will claim the insurance. Investing in individual health insurance means separate policies for every member with a particular medical cover. Let us take a close look at the benefits of individual health insurance.

  • Cashless claim service: An individual health insurance plan permits you to take the benefits under the cashless service from the hospital you admit. Cashless hospitalizations provide by the many insurance providers who permit the individual to get the medical treatment or any other medical facilities, even in the omicron variant, without paying any money.
  • Hospitalization daily allowance: Individual health insurance provides a daily allowance to the individual every day when the individual is hospitalized
  • Tax benefits: If you buy health insurance, then the policy’s premium permits you to take the tax benefits under section 80D.

What Do you Mean by Family Floater Health Insurance Plan with its Benefits?

That insurance plan in which the policy’s limit can be used by any family member is known as the family floater health insurance. The best thing about this insurance plan is that any of the family members can take benefits from it. It leads the more flexibility under the conditions to use the entire insurance coverage. Let us take a close look at its benefits.

  • This insurance plan has a higher insured sum as compared to the individual health insurance plan
  • Once you become eligible for the tax deduction, you can easily take avail the tax benefits
  • Family floater health insurance has greater medical coverage as compared to individual health insurance
  • If you buy the family floater plan, then you can easily add the new member to the plan to avail the benefits


This article will bring you information about health insurance and family floater health insurance. We also give you information about the benefits of both insurance plans, so you make your choice better as per your requirements.

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