Things to Avoid When Buying a Commercial Truck on Loan


The overland transportation industry remains one of the biggest in the world. Every other company and business needs their goods shipped and supplied thus the sector remains active at all times.

However, most people cannot enter the industry due to the high costs of capital required. That is where the box truck financing comes in. Instead of buying everything all at once, you make it easier by looking for financing.

Still, there are costly mistakes you can commit that will make you pay more or hurt your business. Some of the mistakes include;

Investing only in vehicles 

When starting a transportation business, most business owners only imagine they need the trucks only. They spend all the time looking for truck financing without working on the other business aspects. Once they get the truck they get to realize the employees are not ready, neither the place of operations and the schedules.

Failing to look equally into the other business aspects will lead to a delay in starting operations. You might even end up not starting the business at all. As you won’t have the money for the other crucial business needs.

Buying damaged units to save money 

When starting a trucking company, most entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to save on costs. That explains why most of them go for used trucks. While buying a used truck is not an issue the only concern comes when it is already damaged.

A damaged truck will cost you a lot of money to keep taking it to a mechanic. You will also lose clients as you will keep on experiencing breakdowns. The good thing is that most of the financing facilities establish the condition of the truck before you purchase it. They need the truck running optimally to ensure you pay them back.

Letting your investment stop generating 

One thing about the trucking industry is that you have to be ready to keep your facility running at all times. Unlike other businesses, you are not going to close down for holidays or night outs. Instead, your trucks should be delivering items as long as they are running. That is why most trucking companies have more than one driver for every truck.

By letting your investment stay idle, you are losing out on the amount of money you could generate. You therefore might struggle to pay the premiums.

Acquiring a longer-term loan 

The other costly mistake for those looking to finance truck is opting for a longer-term loan hence paying lower monthly payments. However, the issues come with the total amount paid in the long run. While it might seem a little when repaying, you will realize you pay more when you are paying for a long term.

For example, the difference between a three-year loan and a five-year loan can run into tens of thousands. These are money you could use proactively in your business.  If you can afford the monthly payments, always go for short-term loans.

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