Why Your Brand Needs a Marketing Agency and a Video Production Company


It is in the name. The term video marketing naturally suggests that video production is a subdivision of a company’s marketing department or a marketing agency. Indeed, there are many examples where this is indeed the case, sometimes with video marketing forming the largest part of a company’s marketing budget.

There is a good reason for this – the importance of online marketing in today’s scene has meant that video marketing has seen the online (hopefully) viral video become one of the cornerstones of most companies marketing strategies. Check out this page.

A recent survey has shown that 76% of marketing teams have invested in video production in the last three years, and an astonishing 98% of the same marketing teams surveyed said that they fully expect video to play a key role in marketing over the coming years. So, video marketing is not just a mainstay of modern marketing, it is set to become more of one in the coming years.

Incorporating Video Marketing

If you run an ecommerce site or some other form of online brand (and especially if you run a small- to mid-sized business) then your first foray into video marketing probably went something like this: with your plate full already from lead generation campaigns and social media content creation, you hopped on Google to search for a video production company to outsource video creation to or a marketing agency to help you come up with a winning video marketing strategy. You probably picked one or the other, but the truth is you should invest in both.

WMV Productions, a video production company, say that the skillsets involved in both marketing strategy and video production often overlap quite a great deal. A video production company doesn’t just make a video for the fun of it – a marketing strategy is always at the heart of what they do. Similarly, a marketing agency will also create videos. In other words, the difference is blurred.

The difference is not, however, nonexistent. And the very fact that there are such overlapping skillsets only underscores the need for you to enlist the services of both kinds of company in order to create a winning video for your brand and to incorporate it into a winning marketing strategy.

Why would you not want a creative and a marketing team working in tandem? It is almost intuitively obvious that in this direction lies the most effective form of video marketing.

What Does Each Do?

To see how effective this combination can be, it’s worth simply looking at what each type of organization does.You will soon see the benefit of having all this working under your brand.

What Does a Marketing Agency Do?

Marketing agencies have a pretty broad scope, and many of them actually specialize in video. A marketing agency will:

create a unique brand identity

incorporate various techniques, methods, and metrics in order to create a solid marketing plan

identify the best channels for your video

track marketing success and work towards defined goals.

What Does a Video Production Company Do?

A video production company, on the other hand, will:

work out a creative strategy to guide all work from a particular brand

create videos based on strategies of marketing success

support and track video marketing to ensure that it is in line with brand identity.

Distinct duties, certainly distinct expertise but with a large degree of overlap, there is no need to pick between these two services. Having them both and working in tandem is the best chance of success in video marketing.

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