Food Truck Design 101: How to Build a Food Truck


As a goal-driven business entrepreneur, you want to reap huge returns from your food truck business. But the hindrance is that you have no idea on essentials needed in building an excellent food truck.

Building a food truck is one such exercise that requires patience, the right tools, and even knowledge for a better product. You have to work and tick the right boxes to ensure you come up with your dream food truck.

Please read on for ways to build a food truck.

Licenses and Permits for Food Trucks

When planning to design a food truck for your business, the first thing you need to think of is where will get licenses and permits.

There are different licenses and permits accorded to food truck entrepreneurs. They always vary depending on the type of truck to be constructed.

The choice of your food truck design should align with your business plan. Check out their regulations below:

  • Staffing regulations
  • Parking regulations
  • Proximity restrictions
  • Emissions guidelines

With your food truck plan in hand, and adhering to all regulations, present your design to the local government for approval.

Although it looks like a very demanding process, once you follow all the steps to the latter, it can save you from hefty fines once your food truck hits the road. You won’t have any problems with the authorities if you follow all the required guidelines.

How to Design Your Food Truck

Before you get started, you have to lay out an elaborate plan for the truck. Ensure your layout has sufficient space to keep your staff happy and have a good customer experience. Below are some of the steps to follow when designing your food truck.

1. Go for the Right Vehicle

Having the truck plan will help you choose the best food truck for your business. There is mix reaction when it comes to building a food truck.

Some people think that trucks should come before design, while others think that design comes before the truck.  A good food truck customized companycan help you find the best food truck that is in line with your design.

2. Running Your Food Truck

As you are aware, food trucks don’t run on hopes or miracles. You must think about the source of power.  Although powering the food truck can be expensive, you need to think outside the box since there other alternatives are less expensive like solar panels, generators, and even fuel.

3. Food Truck Layout

The food truck layout goes hand in hand with a truck source of power. Your interior design plays a vital role for both truck staff and customers. Ensure you have an attractive design that will attract customers.

Your kitchen design layout has a lot to do with power. Here is where we have microwaves, freezers, and cookers, name them! All of these can only operate in presence of power.

As you guarantee the safety of your staff, your kitchen should include durable inflammable floors, proper ventilation, room for staff to move, and emergency exits. A good layout will ensure all these.

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