How Can an Accessibility Overlay Make a Positive Difference to Your Business?


Users with disabilities like the motor or visual impairments navigate the Internet in a different way from other people. They rely on screen readers or just their keyboards to interact with a website. Sadly, this gap between users with disabilities and web accessibility is increasing.

You will find that among users of screen readers, there are over 60% believe that content on the Internet has not changed. In fact, some believe that it has gotten worse between the years 2019 to 2020. This is due to the lack of skills in the field of web accessibility, awareness, and practical tools.

The need for a good accessibility overlay for enhancing navigation

From the above, it is evident that web accessibility refers to considering the potential needs of your site visitors. You should focus on better web practices, and if you fail to do so, the problems that surround sites that are inaccessible increase the gap between users with disabilities and users without.

Web accessibility is a legal mandate

Many nations across the world regulate laws pertaining to web accessibility. It is important for you to invest in a good accessibility overlay for ensuring compliance with the accessibility guidelines laid down by the law. At the beginning of 2018, as many as 1053 lawsuits pertaining to web accessibility were filed in federal court, and this number is a huge 23% hike from the past year.

Simple solutions to boost web accessibility for your business

Besides the above, there are other simple solutions for you to boost accessibility, even if you have a WordPress site. Like every website, WordPress accessibility is indispensable for you too. This is not just for the sake of the credibility of your business, but it is also your ethical duty to make your site accessible to users coming from all backgrounds.

WordPress websites – An insight into their accessibility

In fact, WordPress also takes the subject of accessibility very seriously. All updated and new code should comply with the guidelines under WCAG as per the coding standards laid down by WordPress. Besides the above requirements, accessibility does not mean it is a single obligation; there are several business benefits that you can enjoy when you opt for web accessibility.

Reach out to a wider audience of potential customers

There are around 15% of the population with some sort of disability, and your site should be in a position to attract traffic from a larger section of the society, who otherwise would not be able to access your site.

Everyone deserves web accessibility

Search engines also prefer web accessibility. If your site is inaccessible, you will be penalized by them. Professional sites always have a user experience that is non-discriminatory in nature.

In short, you should focus on the web accessibility of your site, and it is here that a good accessibility overlay comes to help you. Installing it will make the user experience better, and it will be a winning choice for your business and your visitors!

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