How to attract customers and investors in 2023


Back then, a successful company was deemed more significant than any individual by the general populace. However, this perspective is now considered obsolete. The contemporary academic community asserts that regarding customers as mere figures in a spreadsheet is counterproductive. A proficient marketing department should strive to establish trust with individuals who avail themselves of the company’s services.

Transparency is a crucial element in fostering a trustworthy relationship between your organization and its clients. The attainment of transparency does not necessarily require an extensive marketing team; it is, in fact, easier to achieve today than ever before. There is no need to peruse lengthy scientific papers or marketing books. Simply utilize the recommendations outlined in this article to attract more individuals to your venture.

How to make your business transparent step-by-step

Another significant aspect of transparency is the relationship between employers and employees. Establishing a transparent business environment fosters a sense of loyalty amongst employees, motivating them to act in the best interests of the company and promoting trust. This cultivates a culture of worth where employees are aware of their objectives, feel appreciated, and can produce outcomes that facilitate continuous and sustainable growth for the company.

To achieve transparency, it is essential to follow these three steps initially:

  • payment transparency;
  • workspace transparency;
  • open communication.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these principles in order to describe their benefits for your business.

Payment transparency

The aforementioned principle primarily aims to create a transparent working environment, which applies to the salary and bonus payments received by employees. When individuals are aware of why their co-workers received a raise or any other additional payment, they tend to exhibit friendlier behavior towards each other. Furthermore, transparent payments create a competitive working environment that helps a company to grow and innovate.

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Let your customers in

Recent studies indicate that companies which exhibit transparency in their working environment are more likely to earn the trust of their customers. Maintaining transparency requires minimal additional resources, and can be achieved by creating a social media account for the company, providing a brief description, and uploading photos of the workspace. Employees can subsequently suggest additional photos to be added to the account. Such activities not only attract potential employees, but also contribute to the establishment of a trustworthy reputation.

Open Communication

No company can generate profits in isolation as per the principles of economics. The presence of a customer is always integral to the equation. Therefore, a reliable business should establish a dedicated customer communication department. Employing suitable personnel in such positions can significantly enhance the appeal of your company to prospective customers!

Why is transparency the most important quality of your business?

Transparency is a significant concept that surpasses being a mere catchphrase utilised by businesses in their public relations campaigns. There is no need for undue concern regarding competitors’ intrusion into one’s business operations.

On the contrary, the more transparent a business is, the better it is for the industry as a whole, and it sets a precedent for other businesses to become more responsible. Transparency entails being forthright and candid, making it easier for customers to comprehend the essence of one’s business and what to anticipate when purchasing from it.

For help understanding your customers and factors that affect their purchasing behavior, please see the resource below.

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Infographic provided by Riveron – accounting advisory professionals

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