How to use Press Release as an SEO link building tool?


You might have heard of Press Release from one mouth or another. However, you still might not be exactly sure of what it is. Or even if you do know what it is, you might not be knowing the right context. Press Release in the world of SEO is a great strategy to create quality links. Know that these links won’t be forming a part of SEO packages USA given by any link building agency (USA).

But what actually is a Press Release and how you can still make the most out of it despite the frowns it sees?

The script of Press Release and SEO!

When we hear of Press Releases, we usually think of companies or papers giving crucial information to the news agencies. That the news agencies will then release that piece of information out among the crowd through newspapers or media. Although this indeed is true in totality, it used to be as such in the old days when the internet was not around.

The internet has not only changed how Press Releases used to work, it has changed all the marketing ways. Now, when companies are going digital, their brand image gets decided by its digital image. This is the reason people invest millions in SEO packages (USA) and Digital Marketing packages. It helps them have a greater reach. For this, they intend to create links with other big digital players. We call it link building.

Link Building is crucial and is necessary if one dreams about reaching the top spots on SERP. The better the links, the higher the chances, the greater the reach, the larger the revenue. This is a chain. Press Release is one such way of creating quality links.

What is Press Release in terms of SEO and Link Building?

Where companies used to give press releases through newspapers, now they do it digitally. It is to give world updates about the company.

Earlier Press releases were considered to be a great way of creating high quality links. But now it gets looked down sometimes. Why? Because people started using it to manipulate search engines. And it is not the case with press releases alone. People have misused everything that was a thing of the past. Take keywords for example. Where they were great to let search engines know about the content, people started stuffing their content with keywords alone.

However, if done in the right way, a press release can still boost power into the engine.

How to use Press Release for link building?

Here is what you need to take into consideration at the very first place –

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