Three Tools That All Digital Businesses Need


More and more businesses have adjusted to a ‘digital first’ model, partially due to changing work trends and partially due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As such, businesses have made efforts to lean into their ‘digital first’ status by employing digital tools to help with that transition. While working in the office and in-person communication will always have its place, these digital tools have helped companies embrace a remote and distributed future and increase efficiency, service, and organization. With that in mind, here are three tools that all digital businesses should consider implementing.

Customer Communication Management Software

Customer communication is about more than just customer service. Using customer communication management software, digital businesses can centralize control over the customer communication tasks. This is done using customized messaging that takes a holistic view of a customer’s interactions with a business, including their online activity, documented personal preference for how they’d like to receive messages (text, email etc.). This can help to standardize communication with customers and provide a more cohesive experience when dealing with different departments of an enterprise organization.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Unlike customer communication management software, customer relationship management software is more about directly managing your relationship with a customer rather than sending out communications. However, one commonality between the two software is that they both track customer interactions. With a customer relationship management software, you can better track sales activity and systemize the relationship between sales and marketing. In fact, both software can often be used in conjunction to not only collect and analyze customer data but also to actually use this data to up the ante when it comes to your customer communication.

Project Management Software

While customers are certainty the lifeblood of any business, they cannot be supported if a business does not have adequate processes. For a ‘digital first’ business, there is perhaps no digital tool that is more important than a project management software.

Project management software allows businesses to systemize their own processes and allows employees to better collaborate with one another. This takes collaboration out of the realm of email and instant messaging platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams and instead allows employees to create tasks, assign tasks to others on their team, or even collaborate across departments. This can be very useful for working with teams or even collaborating with clients within the project management software. This can be very useful as it allows service companies to be proactively and continually demonstrate their value to their clients.

In summary

Customer communication management software, customer relationship management software, and project management software are just some of the tools that a ‘digital first’ business should be implementing. However, with these three tools, a digital business can take a more customer-centric approach and also make sure that its internal processes work just as well alongside them. By integrating these software into your organization, you can make sure that you have an excellent apparatus and that your interactions with customers and employees are both comprehensive and well-documented.

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