Useful tools to make your work from home easier


Working from home isn’t as easy as it seems to be. Most of the working people have started facing so many consequences due to lack of physical activity, technical failures, and other reasons. In this section, you will be reading about some very useful applications that will help you with various tasks, like converting a PDF to a Word Document, maintaining your health, and getting rid of background noises during important calls, etc.

The apps that we are going to talk about will help you in getting your life easygoing.

PDFSimpli- edit PDF online

While working from home, it is essential to have a tool that can convert PDF to Word. The documents we receive are usually in PDF format, but we don’t need them in the same format every time.

This forces us to search for tools that can fix this problem.

However, sometimes it is very hard to find the best tool to get the work done. In that case, PDFSimpli can help you the best. It is a tool designed to help in solving issues related to editing PDF and changing it into Word without any extra cost or effort.

Krisp- For muting background noise during calls

The pandemic has changed everything. Now, most people are working online from their homes, and conference calls have become a crucial part of everyone’s life who is working from home. We can’t ignore the importance of conference calls; however, while attending the calls, people might face a lot of disturbing background noise which can have a very bad impact in front of colleagues and seniors.

Krisp is an app which fixes this problem; it’s an AI-powered app that helps in muting the persistent noise coming from the background. It mutes all the echoes and disturbing background productivity monitor software noise and allows only actual human voices in meetings.

Pocket Yoga- For yoga breaks during break time

One of the worst effects of working from home is that it is making people slow, and they are ignoring the importance of being healthy. Pocket Yoga is a tool that will help you in maintaining your health and getting rid of health problems.

Pocket Yoga is an app that you can use during your break time from work. It creates an environment similar to the yoga studio; it generates sounds and will guide you with steps that you have to take while practicing yoga asanas.

iA Writer- For a distraction-free experience while writing

This tool is going to be user-centric. If your work is related to writing, then this tool will be very beneficial for you. This tool provides a platform where you can write without any kind of distraction.

The name of the tool is iA Writer. It will create an environment that will be distraction-free, and you will be able to focus on your work.


The above tools are going to be very useful for you if you are working from home. After reading this, you will be equipped with tools that will solve your day-to-day problems, such as converting a PDF to word and eliminating the background noise, etc., related to your work.

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