Why Your Firearms Need A Corrosion Protection


Your firearms need corrosion protection to keep them always in perfect condition. Corrosion will diminish the handsome look of your rifle as well as decrease its performance. Since guns are made of metal,  they are likely to get rust. Storing your new gun in the right place is essential. Besides, high-temperature coating on your gun also brings many advantages when it comes to corrosion protection.  Here, you will learn about why your firearms need corrosion protection. 

Safety and functionality are the two parameters that are associated with your gun. Rust and corrosion lessen the functionality of your gun. Gun owners expect a reliable use of their guns for decades. However, the lack of maintenance and poor knowledge of gun protection may harm your gun with rust and corrosions. 

High-temperature coating:

The traditional coating process may not be a sufficient choice for your gun protection. The standard coating process includes Alkyd, acrylic, and other organic resins. Let’s learn about the standard coating process for your gun.  

Organic resins share a weak carbon-carbon bond which gets broken even at the low temperature from 250-degree F to 300-degree F. If they come in contact with a high temperature at the 400-degree F, a visible sign of charing will appear.  This is why many people opt for high-temperature coatings for their guns to get the best results and long-term use of their guns without any damage.

The high-temperature coating includes silicone polymers. It also has high strength, especially in the Si-O bond which is 452 KJ/mol, and way higher than the traditional C-C bond in organic polymers. With the high-temperature coatings, you can expect a better heat and UV resistance. 

Such coating is truly beneficial for your firearms, but there are many other ways to keep your gun protected from rust and corrosion. You must pay attention to reducing the humidity level in the place where you keep your gun. A dehumidifier works great to match your interest easily. Even the smallest amount of water can cause rust in your firearm. So, you must keep the place dehumidified as much as possible. 

Try to avoid using your guns in bad weather. Rain or snowfall can damage your rifle. Every gun owner also maintains their guns with a proper cleaning procedure. Cleaning your gun is another way that retains the best functioning of your gun. With the help of proper cleaning, you can easily eliminate any build-up of gun powder that can trap the moisture inside of your gun

The high-quality anti-rust spray is another best approach to keep your gun safe from rust and corrosion. Do not opt for the solvent-based spray as the chemicals are harmful to your gun. 

The high-temperature coating proves to be the right option for your gun. Silicon polymer, the base component of the coating, gets catalyzed and crosslinked at the exposure to the high-temperature 450-degree F.  Now, these newly-formed crosslinked polymer chains cause many positive effects on the coating, including scratch resistance, hardness, and more.

Sometimes, the high-temperature coating also contains a modified silicon acrylic that offers better durability.

Your firearms need corrosion protection because it is made of metal and vulnerable to rust and corrosion. With the high-temperature coating, you will get the best benefits for protecting your gun from corrosion and rust.

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