Factors That Determine Your Home Loan Eligibility?


Do you want to apply for a home loan? Before you continue to finish all the nitty-gritty, you must check your home loan eligibility. As per the eligibility of a home loan, A person must be a citizen of India and should be more than 21 years of age while applying for the home loan. Expecting on the bank or financial institutions where you are applying for a home loan, they need some documents that are required to be fulfilled. To know more about Home Loan Eligibility, let us take a look at the various factors which assumes your Home loan Eligibility:

The first factor of home loan eligibility is age

To check home loan eligibility the first factor is age. The explanation why age plays such a vital role is that the lender will calculate your refund structure depending on the years left for you like a salaried or professional person. Opting for a home loan years before retirement, particularly during the early years of your business, not only allow for a seamless sanction procedure but also offer you a higher value and better interest rate.


Your yearly income explains the total loan amount that can be sanctioned.  Cities like Mumbai and Delhi will have severe stipulations heeding your income and loan eligibility amount as compared to Gurugram or Hyderabad. For example, you can get up to INR 5 crores as a home loan amount for 25 – 30 years with a salary of INR 30,000 to INR 35,000 per month. Some banks and financial institutions offer extra benefits such as EMI holiday, payment flexibility, low interest on the top-up of the loan amount, and many more valuable improvements. Your income is an important determinant for eligibility for a home loan.

Credit score

A credit score of 750 and above will increase your responsibility higher for house loan eligibility.  The score has a direct effect on your interest rate. Your credit score affects essentials such as repayment history, the number of current loans and credit card rights, the type of debt borrowed in the past, the number of ruins for payment. The score aids the lender to assess your financial credibility and creditworthiness for you to pay back the principal amount and interest amount.

Exiting debts

Lenders also pay special awareness to your current debts and repayment diagrams when reviewing your application. While there is nothing different about taking multiple loans to meet your purposes, it is vital to pay off the EMIs regularly to protect your credibility. So make sure to pay your dues on time and submit financial discipline. After all, a whole credit profile will increase your chances of loan approval significantly.

Repaying capacity

 “To get a loan, you have to verify that you don’t need one.” This is very true when it comes to helping with the best home loans. The first factor that banks check is whether you have the means to pay back it.n  Your doubtful eligibility is highly dependent on your monthly salary. Commonly loans with monthly EMIs of more than 40-45% of your net income per month do not get approved. So paying back Capacity is one of the most important factors in loan eligibility.


Lastly, you must appreciate the terms and conditions of your home loan carefully before benefiting of it. These are the key factors to verify your home loan eligibility. Still, a vital part of your home loan is the actual property for purchase. The lenders evaluate the property details as it could be a collateral contract in case your eligibility for the total loan amount is not met. Also, the value of your property also deduces the loan amount. Once you have the property circumstances you can chart out the down payment amount to pay and then begin to apply for a loan.

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